[MU]Halloween 20th Anniversary Edition OST 320 kbps

Que mejor que abrir el blog con este GRANDISIMO SOUNDTRACK Del Vigesimo Aniversario De Halloween Que Cuenta Con Bonus Tracks Ya Que Trae 28 Y La Edición Regular Solo Tenía 11 Esta En Máxima Calidad Disfrutenlo...

Track List
01.Halloween Theme
02.Halloween 1963
03.The Evil Is Gone!
04.Halloween 1978
05.The Boogie Man Is Coming
06.The Shape
07.The Hedge
08.He Came Home
09.Trick Or Treat
10.The Haunted House
11.The Devil's Eyes
12.The Boogie Man Is Outside
13.Damn You For Letting Him Go!
14.Empty Street
15.See Any Thing You Like?
16.Lock The Door
17.He's Here?
18.Light's Out
19.Cut It Out
21.The Shape Stalks Laurie
22.Turn Around
23.Unlock The Door
24.The Hanger
25.Call The Police
26.Last Assault
27.Was It The Boogie Man?
28.End Credits: Halloween Theme/Reprise

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